Dividing Perennials--See How They Multiply

     Oh how we love perennials, those wonderful flowers that come back year after year after year. However, sometimes they become overgrown with the centers of the plant dying out, or their clumps become too large for the space we've allotted them, or we just plain want more of them. The answer to all of these is to divide the plant--take one large plant and make several smaller ones so we have even more of the plants we love!
     Dividing plants is easy to do. First, dig up the plant.

     Next, using a shovel or knife, cut the plant into chunks making sure to include a large section of the roots and the plant in each section. Shaking as much of the dirt as possible off the root ball can help you see where the roots are and aid in this step.

     And here we see the results--multiple plants from one clump. These plants can now be planted separately.

     The cooler days of late summer and early autumn are a great time to divide plants. The new starts can get their roots established giving them a head start on the next year's growth. However, do not divide plants that bloom in autumn at this time of year. Wait to divide them until early spring. In fact, all plants can be divided then. Do it just as new growth begins to appear.
Happy Gardening!


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