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The Wedding--Part 2

     We got the pictures taken by our wedding photographer, Alicia Richmond. Check out her work at Alicia Richmond Photography on Facebook.     Several of her pictures showed off the yard and details well, so I'm doing another wedding post using them.

The Wedding

     It finally arrived--the wedding day!      Bear in mind that as the mother of the bride, I was too busy to take pictures. So I'm dependent on other people's photography to get pictures of how the yard looked for the wedding. I've had a couple of people send me photos, and I'll post some of them here. If I get more later that show the yard well, I'll do a "The Wedding--Part 2" post.           I'll start off with a picture of my whole clan. It was a wonderful day of celebration, and all of my children and grandchildren were there. Between that and the gorgeous weather we had--not the norm for the past few weeks--I felt very blessed!