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Drums in Our Office

  Of all the things I thought I might someday do on a mission, looking for drums to rent was not one of them. A couple of weeks ago we got a message from our BYU contact saying Living Legends needed three drums for their show. They didn’t want to have to take drums on a plane so, they wondered if we and our local directors could find places in each city to rent drums. Soooooo, we went on a quest to find drums.

A Busy Week

  This past week was a busy week at the office, at least for the first part of the week. Wednesday our whole team was in the office and Gustavo ordered sushi for all of us for lunch. There are five of us, but I think he ordered enough for ten! It was good stuff. As I’ve said before, we can get any kind of food you can think of here except for a taco (at least not what we call a taco in the U.S.) Things slowed down in the office later in the week because it was Semana Santa, the holy week. Here, the Easter holiday lasts four days, and the office was officially closed Thursday and Friday, though we did go in for a few hours on Friday.

We're Back

                   We’re back in Mexico after almost two weeks in Idaho. We were able to see all our children and grandchildren while we were there and had a wonderful time. Of course, the main reason we were there was for the birth of our new grandson, Grant King Merrick. Both mom and baby are doing great, and I was in heaven cuddling with him. It was very hard to say good-bye to return to Mexico. I admit, a few tears were even shed. However, when we walked back into Teca Once and our cute little apartment, it felt like we had come home.