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A Fake Earthquake, New Flavors, And A Miracle

  We had a fire/earthquake drill at the office this week. Some of the Teca Once missionaries decided that was a good morning to go into the office late so they could miss walking down eleven flights of stairs. We went at our normal time and made the trek. If it had been climbing UP eleven flights of stairs, we probably would have skipped. Each department had to have a person go to a training last week, and those people acted as the staff to carry out the drill. Michelle went from our department, and she looked quite cute in the hard hat and safety vest they provided for her. At the end of the drill, everyone headed back into the building--except for us. We figured the elevators would be tied up for quite a while. We live right across the street, so rather than stand in line waiting for an elevator, we headed home for a midmorning snack.

This and That

                After seven months in Mexico City, it seems to me that about the only difference between seasons is how green things are. In the winter here, some of the trees and bushes lose their leaves, but a lot don’t, so winter is green. Now, ALL the trees and bushes have leaves and after a few nighttime rainstorms, the grass is greening up too. So now, it’s really green. I guess which flowers are blooming might also help indicate which season we’re in here. I haven’t seen a time there hasn’t been something in bloom. The bougainvillea has been in bloom the entire time we’ve been here, but other flowers have come and gone.                 Friday evening we decided to walk to Avenida Prado Norte, a cute little neighborhood that takes us about a half hour to walk to. It has a natural food store where I like to buy sugar free chocolate covered almonds—my go to treat here. It also has a lot of restaurants, so we planned to have dinner there. We put out an invitation to the other Teca

What Day Is This?

  The Living Legends last performance in Mexico was on Friday, and we arrived back in Mexico City on Saturday. We slept a lot yesterday and today are trying to get our feet back on the ground and come up from the blur of events that has been our lives for the past three weeks. It reached a point where we didn’t even know what day of the week it was, let alone what the date was. We just went by what was on the schedule for the next day—was it a performance day, a travel day, an outreach day? A week ago on Saturday, we saw an advertisement for Mother’s Day. It seemed to imply that Mother’s Day was coming right up, and that surprised me. I checked online and found out it was the next day! I had no idea we were that far into May! Thank goodness the photos on my phone are in order and I have the schedule for the tour, or I wouldn’t be able to begin to keep track of all that went on.   

A Rough Start to a Great Tour

       With a week of the Living Legends tour done, I can see that my blog posts are not going to be very regular for the next little while. I’ll post when I get time to write, which isn’t very often.