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Time to Give Your Raspberries a Litte TLC

Nothing says "summer" quite like the taste of fresh picked berries. Not all berries will grow well in the alkaline soil of southeast Idaho, but with a little TLC, raspberries will do very well here. And NOW is the time to give that TLC.

It's Time to Start Your Garden

     Summer may still seem a long way off, but if you want the pleasure of harvesting fresh vegetables from your garden in summer, the time to think about planting is now. At least for some crops. These are plants that will tolerate cold temperatures, and in some cases, will even grow better if planted while the weather is still cool. These plants include: all cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cabbage, kohlrabi, turnip, etc.) asparagus beets carrots kale lettuce onions (either seeds or sets) peas radish spinach Swiss chard If you can't get to this immediately, don't worry. Any time between now and the middle of May will be fine. After that, you can still plant these vegetables, but they may not do as well as they will if they are planted earlier.

Reason to Like The Cold Winter Weather #4

      Everything looks beautiful covered in snow--even when that snow comes in April.