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Reason to Like the Cold Winter Weather #3

Like spring blooming bulbs, lilac bushes require a period of cold before they will bloom. In the case of lilacs, several months of cold weather is needed. So when winter seems to hang on and hang on, think of the divine scent of lilacs.

Reason to Like the Cold Winter Weather #2

Daffodils, tulips, and other spring bulbs require a chilling period before they will flower. So when you're feeling chilly, think of all the bright flowers we will have in a few months because of the cold temperatures.

Reason To Like the Cold Winter Weather #1

      School was canceled in my community today not because of snow, but because of cold. The temperature right as the kiddos would have been outside waiting for the bus was below -20 F. That's well below the "your breath comes out as steam" point. It's clear to the "your nostrils freeze shut when you breath in" point.      Sooooo, is there any reason to like the cold weather? (I almost wrote "to love the cold weather," but I thought that was pushing it a little.) Actually there is. So over the next few weeks I'll be giving you some of those reasons. Here is reason #1:   Cold weather kills insects. This means there will be fewer of those pests to attack our gardens and landscapes next summer. Hurray!