The Wedding--Part 2

     We got the pictures taken by our wedding photographer, Alicia Richmond. Check out her work at Alicia Richmond Photography on Facebook.
    Several of her pictures showed off the yard and details well, so I'm doing another wedding post using them.

     In my previous post, I said that the backdrop used for the ring ceremony was moved once the ceremony was over. It became the backdrop for the line where we greeted guests as they entered through the arbor. This picture shows how that looked.
     From here the guests went through this space between beds to the "party" area.
     Here is the beautiful bride posing in front of a ninebark in one of those beds. See how well the brick edging we installed defined the bed.
     The focal point of the party area was the tent. This was where we placed the refreshment table and where the dancing took place. Notice how nice the acid stained concrete looks as the floor for the tent.
     I love this picture. It needs no explanation.
    The cake table was placed on the patio we installed. You can see a small section of the pavers in this picture.
      Here are a few more pictures of some of the settings. I especially love the detail pictures Alicia took.




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