Blooming Now--Joe Pye Weed

        Joe Pye Weed (Eupatorium purpureum) is a dramatic plant with dark burgundy stems and large clusters of pink flowers. It is a native wildflower in the humid conditions of the eastern United States, where it can get out of hand. But here in the dry conditions of the west, it is better behaved and can easily be kept under control.
        Joe Pye Weed is a herbaceous perennial that  dies completely to the ground in the cold winters of eastern Idaho. In the spring it comes back and grows steadily all summer until it reaches 5-6' tall (though smaller varieties are available.)  Because of this, it needs to be planted in a spot where its absence won't be missed early in the season, but where it has plenty of room to grow. It does well behind early blooming perennials or tucked into a corner of the garden.
        Bloom time for Joe Pye Weed is late summer/early autumn. The individual flowers on the plant are not impressive by themselves, but the plants bloom heavily putting on a display that as a whole is very dramatic.
         Joe Pye Weed will grow in full sun to part shade and any soil type.  The only trick to growing it is to keep it from getting too dry. As a wildflower it grows in swampy, wet conditions, so it needs to be kept moist to stay happy.


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