Four Weddings and a Flower Pedestal

Between my children and the children of my siblings, our family has had wedding after wedding for the past two years. I, with the help of many wonderful assistants, did the flowers for several of these weddings. For my daughter’s wedding reception a year and a half ago I wanted tall pedestal flower holders, but nothing I could find fit in with the theme we were going for. So I bought wooden candlesticks, glued bowls to the top of them, and created my own. Over the next year and a half those flower pedestals, in slightly different incarnations, appeared as part of the decor at four very different wedding receptions. I thought it would be fun to share pictures showing the theme of each wedding and how the pedestals fit in, so here goes:

Wedding One: Shabby Chic

This is my daughter’s wedding, the one the flower pedestals were originally created for. The reception was held in our yard, and I blogged extensively about the preparations and the reception in 2014. To create the shabby chic look for this wedding, I painted the pedestals white and then distressed them. As you can see by the picture on the left, they fit in perfectly with the candelabras, bird cages, and other eclectic pieces we used to create the elegant look my daughter wanted.

Wedding Two:  Vintage Country

Eight months after my daughter got married my son tied the knot. He and his darling bride wanted a fun, relaxed reception. We held it at the North Bingham County Historical Park, which includes a collection of old-time buildings which have been moved to the spot and restored. Our receiving line was held along the covered porch of the general store, which looks out over the lawn in front of the one room schoolhouse. Refreshments were served in the schoolhouse and games were set up on the lawn. A good friend of our son provided horse and buggy rides for the guests, and the buggy was also the transportation for the newlyweds as they left the party. The flower pedestals were able to blend into the d├ęcor for this wedding without any alteration.

Wedding Three:  Mountain Tropical

Just a month after my son’s wedding, my niece got married. Despite the fact that the wedding was held in the mountains of central Idaho, a tropical theme was perfect for this couple because they live in Hawaii. Guest tables for this reception were arranged around the swimming pool at the Meadow Creek golf resort just outside of New Meadows, Idaho. The bride's mother created more flower pedestals from candlesticks and bowls, and they were scattered throughout the reception decor. The flower pedestals, as well as real pineapples, were painted gold to give just the right touch of sophistication to the relaxed tropical feeling.

Wedding Four:  The Fairy Tale

Five months later the flower pedestals appeared at another niece’s reception. The hall where this reception was held was draped in white and studded with tiny fairy lights giving it a cozy, intimate feeling. The decor was filled with things that sparkle and shine, including the flower pedestal which had been covered in glitter and were the centerpieces for all of the guest tables. The bright flowers gave just the right punch of color to the white and gold decor. It was the perfect fairy tale setting for starting a happily ever after.

Amazing how one piece, with a little paint, or in one case a whole lot of glitter, could fit in so well with such a wide variety of themes. It would be hard to cover the glitter which now encases the pedestals, so I think their transformations are over, but who knows. I’m just waiting to see who gets married next, and then we’ll see.


  1. Thank you very much for these decoration ideas and quite pleased with it. I am going to tie the knot at local Chicago wedding venues and would like to have a colorful floral decoration for my big day. Keep sharing such things!

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