Getting Ready for a Wedding--Hiding an Eyesore

        Right up next to our house on the west end is a woodpile. My husband has joked that the rest of the yard is mine, but that spot is his. The problem is that it is the first view of our house anyone coming from the west gets. And even more of a problem, that is the side of the house people will be entering from for the wedding reception. As you can see, it isn't very attractive--not exactly the first impression I want to have wedding guests have of our yard.

     I have thought of moving the woodpile, but this location is the most convenient, and there really isn't anyplace else I'd rather have it. So if I can't move the eyesore, the least I can do is hide it instead.

    We accomplished this with the help of our friend, Jeremy Bischoff of Bischoff Fencing in Boise. He visited for a weekend and helped us put in a fence. Then we installed a planting bed along the front of it.

     We usually think of fences as enclosing an entire yard, but as you can see, they work well for enclosing smaller spaces as well. All we needed was four 8' sections, and that was enough to get the job done for us.
     Inside the fence we have enough room for the woodpile plus an access alley along the front of it. We covered the access area with landscape fabric, put in a few stepping stones, and filled in with 1/2" gravel.


     Besides hiding the woodpile, this created a sheltered place to put our cats' house. Then using pavers left over from our patio project, my son installed a paver pad off the concrete slab outside the door into our garage. It extends a couple of feet into the alley created by the fence, giving us a place out of the traffic lane to put our cats' food and water dishes. As you can see from the picture below, the cats are quite happy with their new area. And so am I.


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